Ward Benchmarking

Uncover opportunities to improve the efficiency of your company operations, helping you increase profitability.



In a do-more-with-less environment, our clients find that a competitive advantage is more difficult to achieve and sustain. We analyze staff levels, expenses, and business practices across the entire enterprise providing a holistic view of how your operations compare to other companies.

Experience Management

Many insurers struggle to accurately capture the customer’s experience within the claims process and evaluate how their experience compares with that of their peers. We help companies measure their claims customer experience, provide internal workflows for service recovery, and benchmark analytics to measure performance against peers.


Optimizing the competing forces of claims severity, expenses, and service is a challenge for many insurance companies. We help companies uncover opportunities to improve the cost and efficiency of their claims operation, including output, operating models, and productivity standards.


Analyzing the efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations presents a tremendous challenge for most executives. We provide meaningful and relevant comparative data on IT expense and staff management that is note publicly available and cannot be replicated internally.


The most progressive insurance companies are pro-actively designing their workforce to adapt to a changing model. We provide data and insights on staffing and people costs to help insurance companies develop a workforce tailored to their operating model strategy and improve efficiency.

Ward's 50
Benchmark Comparison

Annually, we analyze the financial performance of nearly 3,000 property-casualty insurance companies and almost 700 life-health insurance companies domiciled in the United States and identify the Ward’s 50® top performers in each segment. We announce companies each summer.